What to expect initial Chiropractic consultation

January 24, 2022
3 min read

Is this your 1st time ever seeing a Chiropractor? Do you feel anxious about your initial Chiropractic consultation?


In this article I’ll share with you what to expect during that 1st visit.


Disclaimer: every Chiropractor Adelaide operates differently, so I can only speak on behalf of You Chiropractic.

Intake Form

First, you need to complete your intake form. This form includes basic information such as your name, the problem that’s been bothering you and your consent.


While you’re completing this form, think about why you want to get Chiropractic care.


Do you want to diagnose the cause of your problem? Are you looking for a second opinion? Perhaps you want to start having regular monthly checkups to keep your joints healthy?


You have the option to complete this form on your phone or the old school way (pen & paper).

Show & Tell

Second, you’ll arrive on time for your initial Chiropractic consultation and meet Dr Kelvin Chew. I’m welcoming and easy to chat with, so you can be at ease.


You may share the following with your Chiropractor:

  • The problem you’ve been facing (this is usually some type of discomfort or physical imbalance)
  • Is it something new or you’ve had it before?
  • How this problem is affecting you (think about when you notice the problem most)
  • What other solutions have you tried? (to fix this problem)

Find Stuck Joints

Chiropractic is all about keeping your joints happy. If the joints in your body are healthy, you feel more normal and life is easier.


Third, you can expect the Chiropractor to assess the joints in your body. This includes your spinal joints as well as the joints in your arms and legs.


If your Chiropractor Adelaide finds a stuck joint (not moving normally), he will make a note and relate it back to what you’ve been feeling.


It’s normal to have a few mildly stuck joints because you’ve been using your body since you’re a baby.


However, it’s important to fix severely stuck joints as these tend to be the underlying cause for your problems. If left untreated, your problem will worsen with time.

Chiropractic Adjustments

It takes time for a stuck joint to recover so it can move normally again. On the initial Chiropractic consultation, we start the recovery process with your first Chiropractic adjustment.


I use 2 types of Chiropractic adjustments to get the job done:

1. Hands-on adjustment – I use my hands to gently push your stuck joint.

2. Activator adjustment – I use a handheld tool to gently push your stuck joint.


The main difference between the 2 is that you may hear your joints make a “popping” sound with the hands-on adjustment. It’s not my goal to create that “popping” sound, but joints tend to do that anyway (completely normal).


Some people love the sensation of “popping”, while others dislike it. Hence, I will discuss this with you and you can tell me your preference.

What happens after initial Chiropractic consultation?

After your first adjustment, book your reassessment visit in 2-3 days time.


This is basically a follow-up appointment and is vital for the following reasons:

  • Allow 2-3 days for your joints to heal after today’s 1st adjustment
  • Recheck the stuck joints to see how well they’ve recovered
  • Based on your recovery rate, Dr Kelvin Chew will recommend your steps to full recovery


Finally, you can choose to either follow our process (recommended steps) OR do your own thing (symptomatic care). The choice is yours!

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